Friday, 6 October 2017

Help! I Swallowed My Braces Bracket

There are some accidents that we may face but rarely have heard of. One of such even is swallowing of braces bracket. These kinds of cases seldom happen but definitely they are alarming in nature.

If that bracket get stuck into the stomach? If that bracket get stuck into the pyloric sphincter? If that bracket get stuck into the intestine?

It may lead to the deadliest problem one can imagine to have related to oral cavity. Irregular teeth and those problems are resolved through braces. Some people have fixed braces and some have removable braces.

Cases for awareness:
One of the recent cases that came across was of a woman. She was having braces but swallowed the bracket of braces and the wire was removed from the intestine after braces have been removed from 10 years. That wire went from esophagus to the intestine where it has damaged several parts of the intestine. It is to notify that whenever such event happen, you are to hurry and explain the doctor about such event.

This is not an only case; there are many cases that happen often because of the negligence of the patient. Any foreign body that gets inside the human body will cause destruction by any means.

Swallowing the bracket of braces is not a common happening but definitely this is a problem people are naïve about them. This article is a real eye opener to the readers all around the globe.

Don’t Panic!!
Panic will never solve the situation. Sometimes the solution is on the arm distance and while panicking you need to walk a mile to solve the problem. Human body is the combination of lethal acids and enzymes. If any metal enters the body and is moving with the flow of blood in the body. That metal part may excrete from the body through natural way.

Acidic Stomach and metal dissolution:
Our stomach is acidic in nature and that acid can dissolve any metal that gets inside the body. The high pH level of stomach can dissolve small metal thing that may enter the body by a mistake. Otherwise in a day or two the external thing may be excreted automatically.

Problematic situation:
After swallowing braces bracket if you have difficulty in breathing. That is a frightening situation. That external metal might collapsed with the lungs and effecting trouble in breathing.

If you have some stomach pain or cramps in the abdomen, the swallowed braces bracket might stuck somewhere to the walls of the stomach or get stuck to the pyloric sphincter.

If you have started having blood in your bowl, that swallowed braces bracket might get to the intestine through the blood flow and got stuck somewhere. This cause bruises on the walls of the intestine and cause of bowl with the blood.

When to approach doctor:
As we have discussed, sometimes the external thing doesn’t damage the body so soon. It might take several years when you have forgotten the swallowing of braces bracket. If that swallowed braces bracket has not been excreted from the body naturally, you need to take this matter seriously; even you are not having any pain. Consult the desired doctor and explain the situation. Sooner or later that swallowed braces bracket has to be removed from the body by having X-Rays to know where exactly that has been stuck for several days. Initially you will wait for a day or two to have natural removal from the body through natural excretory system.

Approach the doctor as soon as possible, to avoid the hazardous situations related to body. To avoid such cases try to be careful while your treatment with your dentist chandler az.

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